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previously, your stuff has been cool and interesting but it seems like it's starting to take form. it's still very abstract but this feels more complete.

Up-front: I haven't seen any promo material for DS so I assume this is note-for-note identical to it's trailer? That said, this was amazing. I loved seeing the Mario universe with this tone. Everything was executed perfectly

NCH responds:

its mostly "inspired" off, but not down to exact scenes.

"loosely inspired" to make the mario theme make sense

Everything you make is about getting others to hate some popular thing you don't like. Just some attempt at lowering the net enjoyment on the planet. What a complete waste of talent.

Maybe if you at least said why you hate things, instead of just saying it's bad, there would be a point to sharing it. But you're not, you say nothing of substance and therefore avoid any accountability

hazencruz responds:

it's like you didn't watch the video.

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The ability to pan the camera up and down to see ahead does not fix the issue of leap of faiths, it just adds waiting and frustration. Instead, design levels and cameras so that the path ahead is framed well enough at a tiny glance.

I think this is a good example when competent AI is often bad AI. the enemies seemed to have been designed to be really good at killing the player, rather than improving the players experience. I thought the mouse was particularly frustrating, I recommend dumbing it up a bit. I would also add more anticipation animations to better broadcast when enemies are about to do something. it also looks cleaner

I felt there were a lot of long stretches that force me to keep moving toward enemies that needed to be in a specific point in their cycle for me to have any chance of survival. most notably the part where you introduce the up arrow.

Other than that the graphics are good and the level design is actually pretty engaging, when things are really nicely done the flaws tend to stick out like sore thumbs, which is why I'm probably being overly critical. I just feel like it's really close to being an exceptional game.

Edit: Holy hell, is this a jam game? it's very impressive. not sure how it fits the theme but would love to see this fleshed out.

Cool game, nicely executed, but it takes a bit to get going. Maybe have multiple pickups out at once to reduce the tediousness?

Edit: please just make space restart instead of R, and stop making me replay the intro every time

CMulholland responds:

Thanks for the feedback Geo. You can simply press any arrow key after you die to start again. R is for going back to the main menu.

Cool game, more than a few levels are just tedious and don't really have any lateral thinking other than "detangle a complex mess" or "that thing you did early on screwed you over later". however more of the levels were fun, than not. An undo would have relieved that a bit.

otherwise cool game, the simple audio/graphics worked nicely

Edit: +1 star for undo and glad you found use of the API!

Rob1221 responds:

Thanks for the Haxe API for Newgrounds you made which I used in this game to get medals working (made in Stencyl, which is based on OpenFL).

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It spits but fuck Kong

It felt a little messy when the layers came in but only for a couple seconds and then it grooves nicely. It'd be really cool if there was a part in the middle where it softens out and reintroduces the piano for a bit, otherwise the intro/outro seems irrelevant to the piece.

Source: I don't know shit about music

ninjamuffin99 responds:

thanku homie this one for u

didn't actually know you knew how to do stuff like this

ninjamuffin99 responds:

how dare you assume I actually know what I'm doing

but also thank u im full of secrets and surprizes

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It looks traced from a real photo. I think it's fine for artists to trace or heavily use a reference to practice, but with rough traces on pixelart it causes janky lines. The leg and hand outlines here are really jagged.

I like the pose and colors but i don't know if I would call this pixel-art rather than algorithmically pixelated art

This is disgusting, I love it

I feel like the pixel art style is holding you back. I love pixel art, but I think your work and your medium are clashing. Would probably just be sexier as hi-rez line art.

I make games, when I can find time between selling out

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