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My new website

Posted by GeoKureli - August 15th, 2018

I'm the proud owner of http://geokureli.com/

It's... It's beautiful


Comments (6)

brings a tear of joy to my eye

not quite there yet, you need to add a doctype for older browsers, a HTML5 shim, and about 300 javascript frameworks + Vuqueryifyabeloute to render the entire thing so that it's RESPONSIVE and PORTABLE :p

...there's probably a reason i haven't had a website yet. Apart from the cost, that is. I'm a cheapskate.

details, details... I feel like this website nailed all the important parts, like the fact that it's "coming" and even clarifies when, to some degree.

Also, this cost me $12 for the year (another $24 for the .org/net) I'm using google domain and github pages

@Gimmick @GeoKureli plaster it with ads for the time being and you might be able to break even by the time you finish the website :p

That's assuming I finish in a year

+@Gimmick @GeoKureli @GeoKureli if it takes longer to finish, then you might turn a profit :p

Speaking of which, earlier I saw some .info domains for $10 for the first year (and $70 or so after that) unless you registered for 10 years up front which was $100. Should I have got the 10 year .info or was it right to pass it up?

I've always wanted a .com domain, barring which, a .co or so domain. The .com domain was taken since 1999, and the .co was available for $5k a few years ago, so fuck that noise. I checked again and now it's taken by some spam company :(

Although these newfangled domain names seem interesting. .red/.blue anyone?

COMING SOON. XD Well so far so good...

Is it weird that i'm more interested in making a really elaborate coming soon page rather than an actual website?

Haha. The anticipation being the best part, maybe? :D Well best savor that moment! I've always been in too much of a rush with mine. Way too much work later on when you don't get things right from the start, so: sounds like you've got this covered.