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Niglet seems like a cool guy

Awesome, -1 star until you make it loop

You insist at least a dozen times that all labels are used to distance groups but that's not the case in my life. I know plenty of people from each group you listed and we're cool with each other. These labels are no different from other adjectives. When you say "They're all refusing to interact with each other" you're referring to assholes. You're not mad at adjectives, you're mad at assholes.

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some instructions would be greatly appreciated. seems like he goes flying the first time I click him but then nothing happens until I refresh the page

really slow and boring, one of the wheels stops turning after a little bit.

cool game, would love to see it expanded with more levels. Maybe add some NG medals with the API you made

Would also like to see some better stage graphics, and the way the box instantly moves a full width over when jumping feels weird, maybe make it tween over, even if its still a really short anim.

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didn't actually know you knew how to do stuff like this

ninjamuffin99 responds:

how dare you assume I actually know what I'm doing

but also thank u im full of secrets and surprizes

The beginning is so jarring, the distinct vocals, the abrasive chords, it all worked as a cool intro and when the percussion came in it was like the missing part of the puzzle making it complete. I'm not a big fan of this type of music but I'm impressed.

Ectisity responds:

Thx. Glad you liked it :D. Worked alot on the intro to make it the best possible, so I'm glad it payed off :).
Would have liked to know what you didn't like with the track too though as you gave me 3.5. 2ould be really helpful to know what's not that good with the track too :).


this is the first thing i downloaded off the audio portal so i can accually just listen(usually its for a game but i just had to get this)im writing a script for when i get imporve in drawing i am definately going to work this song in theree

Tancrisism responds:

Dude, awesome! I really appreciate this. Thank you.

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I mean, maybe do a little harm...

VR naked chicks, do it

I make games, when I can find time between selling out

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