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Politics got you down?
lemon party dot com

I love the separated blind date in the background

I love The Office but Jim is a dick. The fucked up song at the end clinched the 5th star

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Cool game, neat idea but the level design really prevented me from liking this. I love the graphics, the intro is super cool, nice music and atmosphere. That's all great, this should have been a wonderful game but the levels were all insanely easy, then it tells me about the dash bounce, and the next 2 level don't really depend on it and their pretty easy, and then the next level requires expert usage of this dash bounce ability and I've had no real practice with it.

It's the level where you go up and down 5 columns, no matter how many times i try I just can't get it right, it seems highly finnicky and I'm just supposed to hit dash at the right millisecond or something, but that's no fun. I'm outtie

i never would've guessed the password. but the rest was cool

I really enjoyed this. at first I was having trouble because I fought really hard battles first and every boss felt cheap. On my next game I did a better order and still got my ass handed to me. Third times the charm because that's when I remembered I can run, and I kicked the games ass.

overall great game

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mundo queso

Droid responds:

mundo queso

love this

I got all the cheese in Ritz, I cheated by looking at the level map in NinjaMufffin's git repo, other than that I just got the skillz. Although first time I played it I quit after a couple minutes

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probably my favorite radiohead song

KnoseDoge responds:

f yeah

great work, loved this game, what a great screencap

I like the style of the 3d one. but I think the pixel version would need a ton of hand touchups to look right in a game. I wonder what the pixel version looks like when the source has thicker lines.... or no lines

DOGL responds:

if u want i can render two examples of that for you

Wholesome AF

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