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How did you improve at animating so much in so little time? You've always been an amazing illustrator but this is just insanely good

wtf this is the best thing ever


needlejuicerecords responds:

Thank you!

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One of my favorite games ive played on this site, like ever. I would pay for this game on google play or steam.

My big issue is the bugs. Clearing room 3 didnt open the door for me 3 times in a row, the game crashes for my wife, the trinket that damages enemies on heals never works.

Even with all that, I've been playing this game all day, I love it, please fix it and then ill pay you money for this on game marketplaces

Edit: thanks for telling me about the app, it never crashes but all the other bugs i mentioned are still happening

MaxBytes responds:

Thanks so much for your comment... and I'm really sorry for the bugs :( There's something going wrong with the web version I think, because I have not encountered this with the Android or Windows version of the game...

Speaking of which, the game's already available for free on the Google Play Store (search for lost for swords, you should find it) :) Hope you're having a smoother time there.

I'd also be glad to have you on the Discord, to share builds, discuss strategies or, if you like, you can shape the game with your own suggestions and ideas. I'm always open to those :)

Would you be mad if I blatantly stole this game idea and added pickups and obstacles? You can be honest

zzox responds:

do it, i'll send the source

I really like this game, a nice and simple twist on a classic game. but I'm at level 27 now it's definitely getting harder, but I'm not having as much fun. It feels more like I'm just supposed to try every combination rather than think ahead and try to be smart about it. That's also why I never enjoy "move count" goals in games like this, it only hinders progress with more tedious trial and error once i've discovered the level's true "catch". Most of the time, 3 starring a level does not utilize some cool trick, and if it did, I would rather just play a level that required that knowledge to beat the level.

73 more levels is pretty daunting, maybe the later concepts are easier for me? like the grey mushroom levels

That said, I think the art is simple and effective, the music is fitting, nice and ambient. I like that theres a lot of control options. all around nicely done. I'm just not very happy with the levels and difficulty curve, it seems

erytau responds:

There are certain walkthrough patterns that can help. When I was testing the levels I often went straight to the next shroom, and the next and the next, until I'm stuck. Then I undo a few turns, fix the deadlock in the least intrusive way and repeat the process. Soon I could image how the final path should look like.

Concept-wise - there are grey-mushroom levels and later you would encounter portals and multiple slugs that move simultaneously.

Thanks for nice feedback!

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Ive definitely weakened as a programmer since I quit smoking

mundo queso

Droid responds:

mundo queso

love this

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probably my favorite radiohead song

KnoseDoge responds:

f yeah

great work, loved this game, what a great screencap

I like the style of the 3d one. but I think the pixel version would need a ton of hand touchups to look right in a game. I wonder what the pixel version looks like when the source has thicker lines.... or no lines

DOGL responds:

if u want i can render two examples of that for you

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