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I love The Office but Jim is a dick. The fucked up song at the end clinched the 5th star

Who embeds a youtube version on a Newgrounds animation?
Edit: Come at me with something better than a whatev emoji

jackbliss responds:

It was for people who cannot see the Newgrounds player on their device for whatever reason. I've changed it to just a link now.

Edit: I just came at you with a ROFL emoji. Hope that's better :D


So many great things, the art, animation, voice acting, backgrounds and story is very top notch but the pacing is really pushing me away from this series. every movement seems needlessly padded. Usually when i watch serious animated shorts on here I tell people to slow down for a better tone, but this just drags at every moment.

9Hammer responds:

Thanks for that insight! That's something that I really need to touch upon going forward. Don't want to make it feel needlessly lengthy.

previously, your stuff has been cool and interesting but it seems like it's starting to take form. it's still very abstract but this feels more complete.

Up-front: I haven't seen any promo material for DS so I assume this is note-for-note identical to it's trailer? That said, this was amazing. I loved seeing the Mario universe with this tone. Everything was executed perfectly

NCH responds:

its mostly "inspired" off, but not down to exact scenes.

"loosely inspired" to make the mario theme make sense

Everything you make is about getting others to hate some popular thing you don't like. Just some attempt at lowering the net enjoyment on the planet. What a complete waste of talent.

Maybe if you at least said why you hate things, instead of just saying it's bad, there would be a point to sharing it. But you're not, you say nothing of substance and therefore avoid any accountability

hazencruz responds:

it's like you didn't watch the video.

Could not find a single flaw in either your work or the source material. congrats, you win!

Great movie, real tense and atmospheric.

Thanks for opening up to feedback

zeddalequevic responds:

im sorry i should of been more reasonable i react like that because i work sooo hard on it but now i will learn how to take criticism from now on

It's episode 1 and you cover my favorite horror movie!? I love it but there's nowhere to go but down.

but seriously, fantastic review, great VA and animation. It's a little light but you covered the most important aspects of the film. If you made more i'd watch it.

Wholesome AF

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