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Great movie, real tense and atmospheric.

Thanks for opening up to feedback

zeddalequevic responds:

im sorry i should of been more reasonable i react like that because i work sooo hard on it but now i will learn how to take criticism from now on

It's episode 1 and you cover my favorite horror movie!? I love it but there's nowhere to go but down.

but seriously, fantastic review, great VA and animation. It's a little light but you covered the most important aspects of the film. If you made more i'd watch it.

Love the colors; fantastic vid! Gotta check out the album, now, too.

Some of the best animation I've seen on NG and the story was really cool. Everything came together, keep it up!

OllieAndScoops responds:

Thank you!

a decent loop but it does nothing for me on it's own

Rokonuxa responds:

That is fair, it is small in scope after all. For me it is more the context of how this was created that makes it "worth" of being my first uploaded animation.

Because it a way, it is my first finished animation that is not just completely shenanigans.

This was really nice! I really dig the live action animation style and you executed it nicely. some parts had me laughing, unfortunately most of the jokes are overdone, and I saw them coming.

It's clear a lot of effort went into this and I have a feeling this show will improve greatly as you continue to work on it.

CharlieandDonny responds:

Thanks man! Episode 2 will be released soon and has more surprises, I am curious what you will think of that one. We've learned a lot from these first two episodes, so hopefully we will see that reflected in the future episodes.

didn't really get anything from it. It just kinda happened. Welcome to NG, keep trying!

No real point in submitting storyboards and prototypes here. but since you did:

Music is too loud. The text to speech makes it impossible to feel the scene's tone and what you're going for. The dialog is pretty bland and the 3d is awkward to look at.

LAKANetwork responds:

Thanks for the response for the pilot's development it was very limited we didn't have any female voice actors so we used text to speech instead the whole animation was supposed to be rendered in Eevee but due to the less powerful mac mini it crashed so we had to use the workbench render instead but this isn't the final product for the upcoming season 1. season 1 of the series will be fully rendered, Andrea will voice the Riley twins and the animation will be in motion capture with the radical software and we will have a more powerful computer so by episode 1 everything will be improved.

The animation was pretty good. Overall, nice action!

I like that you tried some interesting transitions and style choices, but some of the transitions were weird and a lot of the fades killed the pacing. Speaking of pacing, some of the text was too fast to read. and overall the joke didn't land with me.

keep at it!

Really nice illustrations and decent animation. I love that you modernized it with the computer's right-click menu and Transform rects. It's hard to really appreciate the transformation when it doesn't start with normal Daffy and I think you missed a huge opportunity to create a new design for Daffy's screwball form. I have to wonder "What's the craziest daffy you can imagine" especially by modern standards.

I make games, when I can find time between selling out

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