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Woah, you made a huge animation in 72 hours... about procrastination. this is awesome! love the voice acting, too!

Niglet seems like a cool guy

Awesome, -1 star until you make it loop

You insist at least a dozen times that all labels are used to distance groups but that's not the case in my life. I know plenty of people from each group you listed and we're cool with each other. These labels are no different from other adjectives. When you say "They're all refusing to interact with each other" you're referring to assholes. You're not mad at adjectives, you're mad at assholes.


No wait that can't be my entire review, I might as well not leave a review...

Nice animation, it made me feel things

Ugh, you're just gonna read that and move on to the next review, I can do better

This all came together nicely, the scribbles fit well with the insane story about how a girl would pour skim milk on her in a milk competition instead of 2% or half and half. I learned a valuable lesson that if I were to use skim milk I would get a low score from the judges instead of being outright banished from all future competitions, which was surprising to find out.

Nailed it. The End

Let me know when Adult Swim gives you a show, should be any day now

you're my favorite voice actor

lets make this into a game

floozthesnooz responds:

Jeez! I'd love that!

This is so gay

I don't get you... one minute you're bashing YouTube on Twitter after Oney gets fucked and in the same week you post a video about how grateful you are for what Youtube is doing for you. You clearly appreciate your audience for allowing you to express your authentic self but you portray yourself as a dancing monkey or a side show freak mutilating yourself for attention. Is this how you feel or is this a comment on other Youtube channels? Are you still fighting the system or are you playing ball?

Even though I'm having trouble wrapping my head around it I still fucking love your content and, visually speaking, this video is my favorite of all your live-action bits. Anyone who can make Tarboy deserves 100k subs

I make games, when I can find time between selling out

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