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I really enjoyed this. at first I was having trouble because I fought really hard battles first and every boss felt cheap. On my next game I did a better order and still got my ass handed to me. Third times the charm because that's when I remembered I can run, and I kicked the games ass.

overall great game

Thanks for adding X to jump. I beat the boss, not sure that was changed as well

Great game with a simple mechanic that adds a lot of depth.

I wish you always had that little hover on jumps tho, it was really hard to learn the juggling technique.

HealliesGames responds:

Yup, I made the honey volcano erupting permanently as also suggested FuturecopLGF; before was too luck-based.

Definitely mechanics needed more accessibilty, but seems manageable overall.

Thank you!

most keyboards can't process both up and down at the time time

otherwise, cute game

love the visual effects but the gameplay could have been more interesting

KJScott responds:

I agree with you, I ran out of time for the release schedule to do more with the gameplay but I hope future version will address that. I'm currently collecting suggestions to work on in the future.

The controls are bonkers to me. I had way more fun when I treated it like a 2 button game of just jump and slash. I would do arrow keys or WASD
Left/A Right/D: move
Up/W: Jump
Down/S: attack

Add that and a more interesting score combo mechanic and I would be hoooked

this is high art. you probably wouldn't get it

Really well done and super simple. chaotic mode was nuts! didn't log my 9k+ score on my second try, though

Cool idea, I'd like to see it expanded further. It's like the opposite of a kitten cannon like launch game. rather than landing on every platform, it'd be cool if you had to land every few seconds, so you could press your luck and skip a platform for riches. and maybe spend money to increase that time.

cool game but seems like 75 percent of the time it's the top left. and when it's not, its usually the bottom left. I don't think I ever clicked bottom right

I'm having a lot of trouble dashing I didn't realize i dash towards the mouse because I never touch the mouse. I just assumed I would always dash left unless holding the right button, even when I was facing right. it seems odd to require me to mess with my trackpad when the game is otherwise totally playable without the mouse

Otherwise this is a fun game, with nice graphics and dialog

Edit: just got the scythe, I can't really continue playing since I don't have my gamepad with me

Wholesome AF

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