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Cool game, more than a few levels are just tedious and don't really have any lateral thinking other than "detangle a complex mess" or "that thing you did early on screwed you over later". however more of the levels were fun, than not. An undo would have relieved that a bit.

otherwise cool game, the simple audio/graphics worked nicely

Rob1221 responds:

Thanks for the Haxe API for Newgrounds you made which I used in this game to get medals working (made in Stencyl, which is based on OpenFL).

saw it coming

Edit: Voted low because it's not fun or original. Not sure why you're surprised by this score

RProduction responds:

Hello GeoKureli!
At the end of the game there is no screamer, do not be afraid and put me low scores! I do not want to be afraid of my games, I want to enjoy them!
Thanks for understanding!
RProduction aka [m0ran_f]

it's probably more visceral on mobile, but I'm not really getting it, just mindless clicking. I assume I'm not the target age demographic of the game but even as a toddler this level of challenge would bore me.

that said it's a very pretty game

friv-games-today-com responds:

@Geokureli, yes, you are right. Our target with this type of game is 1-5 years old. This is a simple game where you train your attention and like a reward, you have the possibility to decorate a party for Halloween.

Like you saw, the game is simple because of the age target. The room decoration is simple as well for the same reason.

Thank you for the feedback, and have a great day! :)

It's a nice, zen game. it's relaxing but I think some sounds and some juicier effects could make it really pop.

JoanMartinezClari responds:

"Zen" is a good definiton for the game. Thanks man.

It's all a bit boring, the levels don't get interesting until too late. there's no real graphics, sounds or game feel

It's the start of something. but it feels too early to really judge

TheGreatGoat responds:

This is the first game I've ever made, so It's not the best thing in the world, I just wanted to get something out on newgrounds. Thanks for the feedback, though. I Might Update the game one day.

This is pretty heavy, you really nailed the atmosphere, but i'm gonna stop playing before I slit my wrists

great graphics but it got repetitive in a matter of seconds. Not a fan of the camera either.

Edit: all of your games' dynamic text uses Times new Roman, either you have bad taste or you're not embedding your fonts.


I will make sure to start mixing the text up

A bit slow paced and tedious for my taste. there's no reason to collect the gems, especially when they are just randomly scattered about.

other than the bugs you mentioned, I would focus on making the level design more engaging

SolarCrystalStudios responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I am thinking about making a checklist at the level complete section, as part of achieving 100% completion of a level perhaps? I could also make in one level, so that a door would open, once you collected a certain amount of gems?
I might also add some more things to the levels in a future version

I don't get it

Some little touches would have made a huge difference here, put the character in front of the level and make its hitbox match the graphic more closely. use a larger repeating tile and make it less obvious when it's cut off mid tile. pause the game when they die so they can see their score and wait for player input to restart the game.


thanks for the tips

I make games, when I can find time between selling out

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