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Great game but I'm not a fan of the pacing. I die a lot from being impatient, and I typically find stop and go platforming to be boring.

These thumbnails are stupidly overt, but the art is great

overall, it felt really tedious. Levels seem to require dozens of extra click that don't really add to the challenge, which gets boring on a trackpad.
Would vote higher if (1 or any of the following):
A. I could click once and drag to move
B. The levels were refined and reduced to necessary components
C. It had keyboard controls... somehow?

MrNannings responds:

I updated the game with keyboard controls, thanks for the feedback!.

Nice level design, but I hate that is uses the mouse, even if I wasn't on a trackpad I hate clicking specific buttons while moving. Everything else is cool though, and it wasn't until level 23 that I got frustrated

4-3 is crazy unfair. I don't much like The Witness style overworld, it doesn't add much, i'd rather you just make 2 different games that were a bit more fleshed out

Edit: It's not that I don't like The Witness, but if you're gonna go that route you need to justify it with some meta game, rather than a super linear-platformer overworld, since it forced the main games to be an even smaller resolution. Honestly, if you had just released the yellow game and made it auto start the next level I would have voted higher. Likewise if you made the overworld less linear, with maybe branching paths in the choice of levels like Super Mario Bros 3, I would have voted higher.

JauqAr responds:

I personally like The Witness, hence the subtle inspiration. So, to each their own. I hope you still enjoyed your time in my game.

can't play past the second level, shift does nothing on my mac and LB doesn't do anything on a ps4 or Switch controller. d-pad doesn't work on the Switch controller either.

Great art and great music but the game doesn't work

Edit: yeah, that's it, nothing told me to hold it while I run, it just said shift just like all the other buttons. I'm not a big fan of run buttons in games, especially puzzle platformers. I didn't see a good reason to add it to this game instead of just making his speed the run speed by default.

Cool game overall, but I recommend changing shift to say "-> + SHIFT"

Wolod responds:

Holding shift allows you to run and therefore jump over wider gaps. It's a pretty common control scheme in video games. It has to work on Mac. Perhaps you just pressed shift but didn't hold it? As for the controller. Game's engine supports Xbox-compatible controllers. Unfortunately it doesn't guarantee correct work of other gamepads.

I'm sad to hear that you encountered these problems. Anyway thanks for playing!

some instructions would be greatly appreciated. seems like he goes flying the first time I click him but then nothing happens until I refresh the page

really slow and boring, one of the wheels stops turning after a little bit.

cool game, would love to see it expanded with more levels. Maybe add some NG medals with the API you made

Would also like to see some better stage graphics, and the way the box instantly moves a full width over when jumping feels weird, maybe make it tween over, even if its still a really short anim.

well done!

cool game, neat level design. I recommend searching for free game graphics though, try itch.io or kenney or something

I think you accidentally set the NG project's resolution to be too high; there's a giant black box around the sides of the game.

I make games, when I can find time between selling out

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