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I feel like theres something I'm not getting. every time I shoot I have to immediately turn around get some distance and re-orient myself to shoot again. It never feels like fast paced arcade shooter rather than a slow and calculating one. graphics and sound are amazing

I should mention I'm on a trackpad

MistaJub responds:

Try getting a mouse, this game is really hard without one.

cool game, nice take on the theme but it seems like every level has some red herring or section I don't use that I always feel like I'm not beating the level the way you intended. I also feel that I'm not solving it the right way because most levels don't feel challenging or introduce new strategies. would love to see the level design touched up in a post-jam version

Edit: Yeah, Im def not doing this right. In the second level that uses lock and keys, I beat it without getting any keys

The collage is awesome but the puzzle just isn't. Great to see all the fantastic artists contribute, I could stare at this for days and still find new details.

But the puzzle has a lot of ambiguous edges that really threw me for a loop. It also would have been nice if I could lock pieces into position and easily visually distinguish ones I haven't locked. Also I didn't get the achievement when I solved it.

Edit: got it the second time :/

Sevi responds:

If it was easy, it wouldn't be a very good puzzle. That being said, the next one will be better for sure.

I think my game was broken. there was no interactive bit throughout the entire game, just a series of text and about every 4 sentences Z/SPACE would do nothing for about 20-40 seconds and then randomly start working again. I never played a minigame or made a choice and it was probably the most frustrating experience I've had in a while. art was nice

Please just make the text white or something

Edit: PMd you

GabeMalk responds:

This is strange, we never got that bug... If it's not too much trouble, could you dm me a print screen of what is happening for you? Also, what browser are you using?

This was awesome! the influence is clear but to apply the DDLC meta along with the RL character going though emotional struggle adds a lot to the concept. I would have liked the dialog to be pruned and refined as it kinda dragged, but overall this was a really cool concept and your VN system was really well executed

Scorchle responds:

woah thank you mate!! that means a lot to me bc I played flesh to stone a lot while i was brainstorming ideas to get a sense for what haxeflixel could do
kinda surreal, haha
tysm for playing!!

There's somethinng really satisfying about extreme tindering. cool game for a few minutes

I loved the animation and the dialog was cool. some options would be cool

BrandyBuizel responds:

that was one of those things that ended up on the chopping block for time, glad you liked it George :)

this just seems impossible

bomberdude99 responds:

Yeah, it's generally quite hard but possible to beat the timer. We should add a tips/instructions page and tweak the difficulty (or make selectable difficulty even!). Right now the timer is randomized between 20 and 60 seconds and bomb spawn frequency and speed are both randomized between some min and max values. Keep in mind too that you can shoot bombs and also can push them off the conveyors also!

Apparently you could hug, I must seem like a pretty neglectful parent.

I like the idea of a tamagotchi game where the care effects your power in an action game, but i thought the space invaders part could be a lot better

I like the Atari-esque aesthetic, but I don't have a clear goal, I scavenged a bunch of room and I went right as far as i could. I also never used the girl. would be cool to see it expanded because it's just too light right now

IXthe2nd responds:

I did feel like I could've done more with her, did consider throwing her out, but I did wanted to keep her. :>

Wholesome AF

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