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Enormous Thanks! +Advent wrap-up

Posted by GeoKureli - December 27th, 2019

November ended pretty roughly for me, with my mom dying after a 7 year long battle with cancer. It was sad to have Thanksgiving without her but her wake, the day after, was truly inspiring due to the overwhelmingly large attendance. I was reminded of just how giving a person she was. I wanted to continue that giving spirit, so Christmas ADVENTure 2019 was set in motion.

With only a couple days to get everything ready, I thought it was going to be disaster, luckily @ninjamuffin99 open sources every project he does, including last year's Advent. Even with that, huge shoutout to @BrandyBuizel and @Cymbourine for going beast-mode so that day 1 went off without a hitch.

This was the first time I ever hosted a NG collab, I had no idea what I was doing but I'm so immensely proud of what we all accomplished. 31 artists and 5 musicians rolled up their sleeves and GOT. SHIT. DONE. This is -without a doubt- the best Newgrounds project I've been a part of and everyone involved should be proud. Special shoutout to Brandy, @TheDyingSun, @NickConter for working with me nearly every day this month.

I'd also like to thanks everyone who followed me this year, in January I had 33 followers and now i have close to 4 times that amount. All I want to do is make things that matter so it's great to know that people think I made things worth playing.

I wish you all a happy new year!

Edit: Here's the doc from advent in case anyone want's to peek behind the curtain and see how things were done

Also, anyone who participated in the advent can get any medal, unless you're a tool and I added you to the naughty list



I'm sorry to hear what happened to your mom, I give you my condolences

Thank you so much for hosting the ADVENTure, it was a pleasure to be part of it and work with such talented people
I'm so proud of you uwu <3

You're a legend, geo

My deepest condolences toward your mom, she sounds like a great person and I think it's really sweet to dedicate this year's advent to her memory

Thank you so much for everything this year, this was super fun to be a part of!!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for organizing the ADVENTure this year (and @NinjaMuffin99 for his work last year making it a thing as well as @BrandyBuizel, @Cymbourine, @TheDyingSun and @NickConter for helping to keep it moving along).

The stuff I go through seems trivial compared to what you were going through in November but I also had some heavy stuff going on that month and the ADVENTure helped lift my spirits throughout December. It makes me so happy to see people here having a good time and helping each other make cool stuff, it's really what has kept all this going for so long.

The response has been amazing. It means a lot to know we lifted up some spirits this season. I don't know if I'll do this again next year but regardless, I hope it becomes a NG tradition focused on giving

Oh damn, really sorry for your loss. Still doing the ADVENTure and everything though, that's commendable, and hopefully a good distraction too. Some of those negative reviews now seem way pettier than they would've otherwise... good to see impressions overall were all overly positive; it really was a blast to play.

Never got it to work like it should via my regular computer btw, but found out it was all good on Android. Strange times these times, used to always be the other way around... hope 2020's a brighter year for you; thanks for the commitment with this! Good times.

And that doc was fun to browse through. XD Good hints for anyone struggling with those secret medals too hmm...

oh not all of those went in. glad you like it though

I did get them all myself, but anyone else: there definitely be some hints. :)

Are you still planning to finish some of the missing pieces on the list? Seems like the arcade game in particular is still a go?

just adding some cleanup and bug fixes to the game and then sealing it away forever, no grand new features unless @Ninjamuffin really wants it in, even though no one is playing anymore.

Ah right, thought that was the exception since it was still in green! Maybe next year @ninjamuffin99? I assume people still will be coming back to this for years to come, as long as people still want medals. :) At any time too maybe, unless the calender thing disappear a while when this month's over...

sorry about your mom george, really cool to see you turn it into such a great project though. You definitely put your own spin on it with all the different interactive elements, and did a good job on all of it. A worthy successor if I say so myself.

and @TomFulp its pronounced ninjamuffin99